This Week In Roleplaying – April 3rd, 2015

Here are links for pen and paper roleplaying games, board games, card games, and everything that goes with these games that we found interesting on the week of April 3rd, 2015.

This week in roleplaying, we take a look at the five nominees for 2014 ENnie category for ‘Best Website’.  Each of these websites provides something a little different to the gaming community, but they are all outstanding examples of bringing something unique and valuable to the community.

The EscapistThe Escapist is a web page devoted to the betterment of role-playing games and the education of the public and media of their benefits to society.

Fate Roleplaying Game SRDThe Fate Roleplaying Game System Reference Document (SRD) is intended to be a useful digital companion to your Fate game. Use the search to find content quickly, bookmark pages for reference, or just enjoy having one less book to carry at a convention. It won the Silver for the 2014 ENnie Category of Best Website.

RPG GeekRPG Geek strives to be the premiere database and forum for all tabletop RPG enthusiasts. This includes News, Reviews, Sessions and Play-by-Forum along with the world’s friendliest community. Whether you want to discuss a game, ask questions about a publisher, play a game or just read reviews or session reports on a game, you’ve come to the right place. This is a global community and we would love for you to be part of it! It won the Gold for the 2014 ENnie Category of Best Website.

Pelgrane PressPelgrane Press publishes award-winning tabletop roleplaying games, including the 13th Age by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, Trail of Cthulhu by Kenneth Hite, The Dying Earth and Ashen Stars by Robin D Laws. Pelgrane Press is also the home of the webzine Page XX, The Birds comic, and music for RPGs by James Semple and fellow composers.

Tabletop AudioTabletop Audio is for: Role-players, boardgamers, writers, coders, artists, graphic designers, teachers, house-cleaners, lucid dreamers, gym-rats, distance runners, commuters and ANYONE who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another.

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About Samuel Van Der Wall

Sam has been roleplaying since he first encountered Battletech 1st Edition. It was initially the tactical play that drew him in, but eventually he expanded into the roleplaying game portion and it was a done deal from there. His favorite game is Shadowrun, but he’s also a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon World, Numenera, Star Wars, Warhammer, and many other roleplaying games. He’s a huge fan of Fantasy Flight Games and numerous other gaming companies and publishers. He prefers playing over game mastering. He likes creating one character, building on that character, integrating it into the story, and seeing how it develops over a campaign. He’s not afraid of character death because it’s often memorable and builds the story! If he had a specialty, it would be that he’s really into helping other players draw out storylines in their own characters and further their own goals. He’s never had the privilege of attending a gaming related convention, but hopes to attend two next year.

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